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The Proof: A City under Attack This photo was taken the Sunday following Howdy's repair. Seen here is Jaime Murphy holding the newest defender of the skies, Howdy Doody, in front of the KILLER BEE's home hive.

Howdy seeks out the KILLER Here again is Howdy, making it known to the world that he came looking for the famous KILLER BEE. Where was the KILLER, you may ask? We all wanted to know the answer to that question.

Brothers in the fight for the skies Here, we see Howdy Doody, and his big brother, the KILLER's KILLER, waiting for a sign of the KILLER BEE.

The long walk Here, Jaime and Tim are seen walking out to survey the damage sustained by Howdy the same day.

The Damage Here, the R/C NTSB looks over the crash site. After a complete investigation, it was discovered that the DON had a hand in the crash. The details haven't been released yet, but the evidence was abundant.

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