Whose Lazy Bee will reign supreme?

The war begins!

These pressing questions WILL be answered!

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Check out the Bee Pictures! Now there are FIVE pages of pics for you to enjoy.

Each one adds to the story of the KILLER BEE

There is truly nothing better than a Lazy Bee in Flight!

A few of the Hobby Park R/C Aircraft Club have found great joy in the "Flight of the Bee".
The fun started when Sam Rogers and Tim King built the first two Lazy Bee's to call Hobby Park home. Many Sundays were spent flying below the trees, perfecting "Bee-batics", practicing "back-to-back" R/C control line flight. Soon, others joined in the fun. There were 1/2a powered Bee's, Scratch built GIANT BEE'S, using a 1.20 fourstroke for motivation, and Bee's of every shape and size.

The Lazy Bee has quickly become popular with the members of our club, and others we fly with. Legends regarding the Bee's amazing flight ability have spread far and wide, beckoning folks from far away to come watch the gang fly the famous Lazy Bee.
I am sure you are wondering what the "Lazy Bee War" is. Well, to be honest, it is a long story. If you are really interested, Click Here
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