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The DON challenges everyone Here, we see the picture the DON sent after hearing of Howdy's "sudden impact." This photo is more proof that the DON was responsible for Howdy's fate. Funny how the DON and his beloved KILLER BEE were no where to BEE seen the day of the crash

The KILLER visits the High Country Since the KILLER BEE couldn't make it out to the HIVE to challange Howdy, he made a trip to Boone to Howdy's home. Little did we know what he had planned that day.

The long walk Here, we see the DON walking into the unsuspecting Country Store.

The DON robs the Country Store Once in the Country Store, the DON wasted no time taking everything from the register he could. Here, we see the clerk in great fear as the DON reigns terror on the small town.

The Damage The DON poses for the camera with the money he took, and this photo also provides evidence that even innocent store clerks are not safe from the wrath of the DON and his KILLER BEE.

On Guard The KILLER BEE stands guard while the DON and his henchmen rob the Country Store.

The Little DON The LITTLE DON Holds the KILLER BEE back as a customer enters the store during the holdup.

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