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An afternoon of fun This photo is a collection of some of the many Bees that were present for the Hobby Park R/C Aircraft Club's last fun fly of 2000. As you can see, we have a varied collection of covering schemes, and each is a representation of its owner.

THE KILLER HIDES On a trip to Boone, the KILLER BEE was seen hiding on top of a trailer in the hopes that the local airplanes wouldn't retaliate for all the damage the KILLER caused.

Justice in Action Finally, The KILLER has been captured. Seen here is the special cage designed to hold this vicious monster.

The Judge delivers a verdict Here, "THE JUDGE", A.K.A. "THE GRUMPY OLD MAN", A.K.A. Carl Brandt is seen here with the guilty airframe, debating it's fate.

Rest in Peace The sentance was carried out withought hesitation. If you look closely, you can see the Joy in the faces of the executioners.

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