My Paintball Gear

My gear consists of a Kingman Spyder Compact 2000 Paintball Marker. I have added an expansion chamber and a bottom feed. In addition, I have also added a "Mister Twister" barrel. This barrel seems to work really well, it is a slightly smaller bore than the stock barrel, and matches the paint I use alot better. After changing to this barrel, I noticed that my shot groups were tighter. (I do not have any info on where you can purchase this barrel, a friend at the field had it, and I purchased it from him)
I use a 12oz tank, which lasts about 2 days of play. Also shown in the picture are various tools I I use to maintain the marker, and the most important piece of gear I have, my mask. I would never consider playing paintball, or even firing my marker without wearing my mask. at 300fps, paintballs can hurt!!

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